My Yoga Journey: LOVE

Today’s blog post came to me during an asana class (the physical element of yoga). We were meant to have advanced asana but as it was the end of the second week of our yoga teacher training, everyone was exhausted so our instructor decided to do a gentle class instead. If this had happened last week I would have got really upset and angry, believing that hard was always the better option no matter how my body was feeling. I have started to appreciate my body in a whole new way, maybe this is what it feels like to love yourself.

The class focused on hip openers which can cause you to feel emotional, during a forward fold I suddenly realised that I need to be kinder to my body and myself. I love to exercise and push myself as hard as possible but I refuse to listen to my body when it says ‘no’. I always think that I am just being lazy and that after a coffee I must do what I had planned to. I now realise there is a difference between being lazy and pushing to the detriment of your body. I have made a pledge to listen to my body more and on those days that I feel heavy and lethargic, I will find a gentler form of exercise. Don’t worry, there will still be plenty of HIIT workouts on my Instagram.

This idea of being kinder to myself doesn’t only relate to exercise. The focus for one of our meditation classes last week was ‘I am enough’, something that is easy to say but do we really believe it deep down. How do you talk to yourself internally? When I think of the things I say to myself, I realise I am not kind at all, in fact I am out right nasty. If anyone else spoke to me like that it would be classed as abuse and I certainly would not talk to any of my friends that way. Next time you start to say something negative to yourself, try to catch that thought and replace it with a positive. If it was someone else, would you think badly of them or say that thought out loud? Treat yourself as you would others and start to congratulate yourself even on the small things.

Repeat after me, ‘I am enough’.

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