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I have had such a lovely Sunday! I went to the Yoga Brunch Club held at Brixton East Gallery with a friend that was on my yoga teacher training. We started off with a fun and dynamic yoga flow class followed by some herbal tea and then a delicious brunch cooked by Nicky Clinch. Nicky is a Macrobiotic Nutritionist, Chef and Life Counsellor and her food consisted of delicious, hearty food for the soul which was perfect for this miserable weather.



Roasted Beetroot Rosemary & Garlic Soup with Horseradish Coconut Cream


Creamy White Bean Stew

Pumpkins cooked in ghee with feta & dill

Jewelled Brussel Sprouts & Shallots in Mandarin, Thyme & Garlic Infused Oil


Fudgy Double Chocolate Brownies with Redcurrant Compote

The flavours were incredible, it felt like I was nourishing myself rather than just eating food. If you would like to make any of these dishes, you can find the recipes on Nicky’s website

It is so nice to have these events to do on a Sunday, which can be quite depressing, especially when it is cold and rainy. To get out and do yoga always makes me feel good but to also get served delicious food and meet likeminded people in a friendly environment makes it all the more enjoyable.

Since the weather has changed and the evenings seem to start at 5pm, I have really struggled. I am battling (and losing) the urge to hibernate. I have no interest in going out and I am struggling to stay up past 8pm (I am forcing myself to stay up until 9pm as this seems just about acceptable). I have found myself beating myself up about this and questioning what is wrong with me, feeling like something of a loser for not being out on a Saturday night. I keep catching myself using the word ‘should’ in a negative context with regards to my behaviour. Why ‘should’ I go out and who says there is something wrong with me for not wanting to? This is the season we should be slowing down and hibernating so why should I force myself to go out when I really don’t want to? For the sake of saying I have so people do not judge me? During the winter, I much prefer to do daytime events and then relax in the evening. As I write this it is 7pm and it feels like to middle of the night, the last thing I would want to do is get dressed up and go out. I need to stop feeling inadequate for doing what I enjoy and currently this is staying in and watching Netflix.

I had the yoga brunch booked in and I didn’t want to be hungover and ruin it for myself as I have done on so many occasions in the past. I am going to accept that whilst it is winter, I am probably not going to go out that much and that is OK. I can get up and make the most of the daylight, fill my weekends with brunches, classes and workshops and leave my evenings free. I can also save money so that I can escape England and find some much needed sun!!

If you are interested in attending a yoga brunch you will find details of upcoming events here

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