Being fit and healthy has always been important to me. I have run many marathons and throughout my life been highly motivated doing some form of exercise every day.

However after going through a very difficult time in my life I found I had lost the inner resources to exercise. I didn't have the time, the energy and I'd lost the motivation. My overall health physically and emotionally was in serious decline.

5 months ago I recommitted to my health and as part of that commitment I engaged Jenny as my personal trainer and we put together a plan to get me back to health.

For four days a week, Jenny has coerced, inspired and cajoled me back to fitness. Jenny has the ability to bring her many skills to each session including kettle bells, Pilates, running, cycling and  stretching. Jenny also uses her skills she gained from her psychology degree to work on my attitudes and perspectives. It's been a powerful combination.

Jenny's passion for her own health and fitness is infectious. She is reliable, consistent and leads by example. I can thoroughly and unequivocally recommend jenny in her capacity as a personal trainer. I personally will be forever grateful for her help in helping me back to health.

Matt - 43, Chiropractor