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Amazing Benefits of Red Light Therapy

I bought myself a red-light device a little while ago now having first heard about its benefits on a Podcast with the founder of Joovv. I was put off purchasing a Joovv device because they ship from the US which makes returns rather tricky. I looked into cheaper versions but was concerned they might not…
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Could beetroot boost your sports performance?

If you have seen my gym sessions then you probably know that I love a horrible, sweaty workout that results in collapsing on the floor. You can't beat that feeling of struggling to breathe, knowing you are pushing yourself to your limits while getting fitter and stronger both mentally and physically. Well, what if I…
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How exercise can improve your mental health

HIIT training improves blood pressure, insulin sensitivity, cholesterol profiles, cardiovascular health, and decreases abdominal fat and body weight (while maintaining muscle mass). Exercise doesn’t just affect our bodies; it also affects our brains. There seems to be an interesting connection between HIIT training and brain boosting benefits. Cognitive benefits as the result from regular exercise…
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