Setting off on an adventure with yoga

I can't believe I am actually going. I have been wanting to go to India to complete my yoga teacher training for years in fact, I have just realised this is something I have had on a mood board for the past 5 years and it is finally coming into fruition. The law of attraction might be real!!

I wanted to go to India to study yoga as it is the sort of thing I feel you need to be completely immersed in. I didn't want my usual life and work to distract me from what I wanted to be a life changing experience. I plan on embracing not only the physical side but also the philosophy and hopefully learning how to meditate.

The opportunity has finally arrived and I am off to Goa for 5 weeks to complete my 200 hour teacher training. Since I applied for this I have been on a roller coaster emotionally. I wasn't sure whether this was something I actually wanted or whether I just thought I did because it was once a dream I held.

I was worried about losing all my personal training clients and walking away from a business I had spent so much time and energy building. To come back and have to start again from scratch seemed quite overwhelming. The flip side of course is that I will return as a better trainer having learnt new skills and having a renewed passion for helping people with their goals.

Secondly, I have had a hamstring injury for about 3 years now (I wish I had just rested it when it first happened). It is something I did in yoga so I know yoga won't help it. I have recently been receiving treatment and I think I can manage it whilst I am away. As one of my clients pointed out, I am not getting any younger and I will only be getting more niggles in the future! I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that it will be OK and listen to my body during the yoga practice.

My other main fear was that of losing all my fitness. Anyone who follows me on Instagram will be aware how much I love the gym. I love to push myself as hard as I can and I am the epitome of a cardio junkie. I have also been going to Crossfit for the past few months and loved developing my strength and skills with Olympic lifting. The thought of going away losing all my progress really scares me. I think actually my biggest fear is that I will lose my drive for this type of training. What if I come back and can't reach the same limits, can't make myself work at the same level?

All of these are not reasons to not go. I can't be a slave to the gym, 5 weeks off might be a good thing and I can also do things over there. I probably need to let go of my relentless training schedule and give my body a break. (I'm still packing my skipping rope, trainers and resistance bands though).

Right now I am feeling excited although my emotions are a bit of a roller coaster. I am aware that there will probably be times that I hate it. I may get home sick and be desperate to come home but I am putting my trust in the fact that this experience will change me for the better. I will return stronger both physically and emotionally and if nothing else, I will get 5 weeks of Vitamin D ;-).

I intend to share an honest account of my experience so keep a look out for my posts and wish me luck!!!

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