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Wow, my life has just taken a drastic turn and very much for the better. As you may or may not be aware, I recently returned to Goa for another Yoga Teacher Training. I have been meaning to both write a blog about it but also do a vlog but neither of which came to fruition due to this major life changing decision of accepting a job in Greece and only having 2 weeks to pack up my life and leave. As reasons for procrastination go, I think it is pretty valid.

How did this all come about? Well, while I was away I realised just how much the weather affects me. I was full of energy despite not getting a great deal of sleep, I was so happy and all just from a bit of sun. Of course I was also doing lots of yoga and meditation which always helps but I do this in London yet I am far from full of energy.

The biggest factor in my change of mood was the beautiful, sunny weather (something we don’t get a great deal of in London). So, while I was away I started looking on Yoga Trade (which is site the advertises yoga jobs abroad, mainly voluntary in return for free accommodation but there are some paid employments too). I applied for a few different jobs, mainly in the Caribbean but also one in Greece which sounded perfect for me as they wanted fitness as well as yoga. I didn’t hear back from them whilst also discovering out that another girl on my course had got the job so thought nothing more of it. I came back to London, thinking the benefits of the yoga would last a little while yet after only a week I was back to being exhausted all the time and struggling to get up in the morning. I realised something had to change.

The weather isn’t the only thing that I have been dissatisfied with my current life situation. I feel like every time I try anything I fail. I see so many 25 year old ‘influencers’ on Instagram and YouTube being so successful and seemingly very much 'making it', when I try to do anything I get nowhere. I realise that you do not know the back story of anyone else, I don't know how hard they have worked, if they had contacts to help them or was a case of starting before social media got where it is today. Regardless of this, it still left me feeling pretty jealous if truth be told.

My new office, slight improvement on Fitness First

In recent years I have been waiting for something to change, to get my ‘big break’, whatever that might be. I remember hearing once that in order for you to get new things in your life, you have to let go of other things in order to make space for them. I have said I wanted to live abroad for a long time but couldn’t let go of London for some reason, I think I got into my head that if I left I wouldn’t be able to come back because it is so hard to get clients therefore if I lost all my regular, long term, stable ones then it would be too difficult to start again. I suppose I should probably give you a bit of insight into life as a PT for you to fully understand this. It is HARD! Not the actual job, I love training people, I love teaching classes and I love the people I train. What is tough is the business side, you are constantly worrying about getting more clients, never knowing how much money you will earn each week as just as you think you are doing ok, someone will go on holiday or decide they don’t want PT anymore without warning. As Personal Training is a luxury, it is the first thing people will give up if they come into financial trouble. Summers for me are also the worst time of year as everyone goes away, seemingly for the entire summer. Last year I hardly worked at all and it was incredibly stressful. I was not looking forward to another summer like this so when I got an email for the job in Greece, I went for the interview with the view that this might be just what I needed.

I had a very informal interview with the brother and sister who run the hotel. The job would be to teach yoga and fitness to guests as well as 1-1 sessions as and when required. Talking to them I felt a great synergy (I hate that saying though), they were very much on my wave length and I could imagine working with them closely and actually being able to be more myself in their presence. They said to think about it but let them know asap as I would need to be there for the initial training on 21 April. My intent reaction was that I wanted the job but obviously had a lot of worries too, the main one was how the hell would I tell my housemate of 6 years and incredibly close friend that I was abandoning her for 6 months, I think all along this was my main worry. I was also worried about losing all my clients and also in letting them down by disappearing for 6 months. what do you do when you are facing a big life changing decision? Well, call your mum of course. She came through as I knew she would, she told me I should take it. I am so grateful of how unrelentingly supportive my parents are, they are very liberal and firm believers in travel and adventure and have never expected me to subscribe to the usual norms of life such as getting married and having children. 

A room with a view, taken from my apartment

Having made the decision to go it was actually relatively easy to organise. I was able to get cover for my regular classes which meant I have them to come back to. I told my clients who were very understanding and most of them will also be there for me to come back to which makes me feel incredibly honoured that they value me enough to wait for my return. The major stress came from finding someone to rent my room, initially I put in on just for 6 months and had no interest whatsoever. In my last week I my stress levels were at an all time high, to the point of tears! I was worrying that the move that was meant to give me financial freedom was going to be the opposite as would have to pay my London rent. i was also having to pack for the trip as well as packing all my belongings from my room. Yet again my parents came to the rescue, I honestly don’t know what I would do without them. They came by on Friday morning and packed all my things into their car, it was amazing how once that was done I finally got excited about my trip. I also had a viewing arranged for that evening, low and behold, she was great and took the room! It all fell into place in the eleventh hour. A friend pointed out to me that if these things were easy then everyone would do them and thats what sets people apart. This is why people don’t chase their dreams, its tough and can be scary but hopefully worth it in the end. I’ve only just got here so don’t know if it is yet but so far so good..

Local wine, 4.80 euros for 1/2 litre, what's not to love

I am currently sat in a cafe overlooking the sea and feeling very free. I am not stuck, I can make changes to my life and go on adventures. I haven’t got married and had kids and that is ok, it means I can move to Greece and work for 6 months. I intend to embrace the fact I am different and my path isn’t clear. I hope that I have an amazing experience, it probably will be touch at times but at least I can say I tried

Local cafe, great for cappuccinos

For now I am going to sign off as this is rather long already, I will endeavour to keep a journal of this experience in blog form, as much for me as anything else. I hope you will come along on my journey with me xx

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