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It's fair to say I have been pretty crap at keeping up with my blog. I thought whilst here I would have so much time and be so inspired that I would knock out a blog a week. Alas, I was wrong. I don't know if this is because I have been so content (I seem to write so much more when I am suffering from some angst), or just because my energies have been focused elsewhere. Perhaps there just isn't a budding writer trapped inside of me trying to get out and I shouldn't force it just because I feel it is something I 'should do'. I have half written a few posts or planned them in my head but never put pen to paper for finger tips to keyboard. Oh well, nothing really lost, just a few ideas that are now lost somewhere in my brain. No matter, I am here now feel inspired to talk.

I have now been in Greece for 3 months, at first time went so slowly but now it seems to be speeding up. My emotions are very mixed right now, one minute I want to move on, the impatient side of me is ready for the next step, the next adventure. Then the other part wants time to stand still and stay here forever. My problem is that when I get a new idea, I want to do it straight away. I am definitely a big picture type, I get caught up in ideas rather than the small details of how to put them into place. However, being here so so perfect, I have a great routine, getting up at 5.30 so I can workout before work which I know I would never do back in London. I also spend a good hour a day foam rolling and stretching, I hate the term 'self care' but I do very much believe in its benefits and I hope that it is something I continue to do daily wherever I end up after this.

My yoga practice has also developed. As I am unable to go to classes I have become much more self reliant, I have had to be my own teacher. I love the Mandala Vinyasa which I learnt in Goa and gravitate towards this every time I practice but as this is quite structured I have lost some of my own creativity and connection to my practice. Recently I have really discovered the joy of a free self practice, governed by my body. Yoga is so much more than exercise and by moving and flowing as my body directs I have been able to shift my energy and remove blockages I did not even know were there. I hope to spend the next 3 months really listening to myself rather than doing what I think I should be doing. The conditions here are so perfect for this, fully surrounded by nature everywhere I go. I don't know how I will go back to a London studio after being in Armonia Deck every day.

Lastly, I am also spending a vast amount of time learning which makes me so happy. When I learn something new I come alive inside, my brain feels sharper and I just want to share this knowledge with other people. only problem is that I am so excited I tend to relay the information at about 100 miles per hour so people have no idea what I have told them. The topics I have been learning about recently are sleep, fasting and the Ketogenic diet. I am intending (although we know this can't be relied upon) to write separate posts about these but if you want to go straight to source here are my recommendations:


Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

This is a great read, very easy to follow and really interesting. we are a nation of the sleep deprived and I think reading this book will make you think twice about staying up for that next episode on Netflix. You can also listen to him being interviewed by Joe Rogan either on iTunes or YouTube. Link

Fasting/Time Restricted Eating

I have tried to do this in the past but somehow the habit of eating when I got home from work defeated me. There are so many health benefits to fasting for 13 hours (overnight so you are asleep for most of it). Again, I will go into it in more detail but I have been using the app called 'Zero', you click to start your fast and it counts down to when you can eat. It is strangely addictive which its great, probably why it has been designed that way. I keep wanting to beat my score and fast for longer! Hugh Jackman fasted for 16 hours a day to get in shape for X Men I believe but there are so many more reasons to fast besides fat loss. Dr Satchin Panda is doing a great deal of research into this field, here is a link of him being interviewed by Dr Rhonda Patrick Link

Ketogenic Diet 

I have known about this for quite some time but it seemed to restrictive to be a viable lifestyle choice for me. I have always been very against weighing my food or counting macros as I just didn't want to live like that but being here with less temptation plus the fact I had got to a point where I was really unhappy with how I was eating meant I was ready for something drastic. This is something I am definitely going to write about in more detail. I am on day 7 so going to keep recording my progress and write about it next week. That's a promise, you have it in writing.

The idea behind the ketogenic diet is that you restrict your carbohydrate intake so much that the body is forced into using fat as fuel. We produce Ketone bodies in our livers which can cross the blood brain barrier and be used by both our body and our brain. in fact, our brains love Ketones and once you have crossed into a ketogenic state (which takes about 2 weeks) you have greater focus and mental clarity which was a major feeling point to me. I am on day 7 and feel great, looking forward to seeing how this develops over the next week. Again, if you can't wait, here is a link to Tim Ferris interviewing Dom D'Agostino, it is three hours long though.....Link

For now, I am going to sign off with all the good intentions of being a super focused human and getting these blogs written as well as working on various other projects. I am hoping the ketosis is going to project me to whole new levels of productivity.

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