My Indian yoga adventure begins

I’m writing this over a week after I arrived in India to complete my yoga Teacher Training and what a week it has been. This blog is going to be about my initial experience here and then I will move on to the Yoga Teacher Training.

My flight was pretty easy, I flew with Jet Airways, seats were as comfortable as they can be, food was as good as can be expected and the entertainment was good. Managed to get in 2 films before I fell asleep. Woke up with my breakfast tray in front of me, I must have been more comatosed than I had realised. I had intended not to eat on the flight as I know my stomach feels better when I don’t and as I left LHR at 21.20 there really was no need for food. However, when it comes to it I always do because it’s there and there is nothing else to do.

I landed in Mumbai expecting it to be chaos. I had been told it can take up to 2 hours to get through immigration before I could get my connecting flight but I went straight through, picked up my bag and then checked in for my flight to Goa. I felt strangely chilled about the whole journey. I’m so glad it was easy, as a sole traveller, I don’t think I could have coped well with any drama.

I landed into Goa at 14.00, it was hot but considering I was wearing tracksuit bottoms from the flight it wasn’t too bad. I felt slightly ridiculous carrying my winter coat. I certainly won’t be needing that for the next 5 weeks. My yoga teacher training facility had organised a car for me I found him easily enough and we set off towards Vagator. The scenery was beautiful, I felt very content and looking forward to settling in.

I had booked a hotel in Vagator for the first 2 nights because the Yoga course didn’t start until 10th so our accommodation there wasn’t available until 9th. There was no particular reason for booking here, I went on Expedia and found somewhere that looked quite nice and was on the beach and just booked it. I’m not one for doing lots of research just like to get things done!

As soon as I arrived I had to check out the beach. I don’t know what I was expecting but it greatly exceeded my expectations, vast and sandy with the odd cow. I went for a walk with my feet in the water already planning my HIIT workout to do the following morning. The people were very friendly, I think I was asked for 3 selfies with different groups, it made me feel like something of a celebrity. This is very common in India, it isn’t a sleezy thing either, women and families want them as well. I wonder what they do with the photos.

I had my dinner in a restaurant on the beach and watched the sunset with a vodka soda. I won’t be drinking for the duration of the course so thought I may as well enjoy it while I could. I went to my room to watch a film and fell asleep by 21.30. I had been worried about jet lag but I really didn’t need to, I was up at 6.30 ready to go! Had a great workout on the beach, (check out my Instagram for the videos It felt so good to exercise on the beach, looking out to the ocean and kept cool by the breeze. I could have cried I was so happy. I hadn’t had a holiday the past year so this was a long time coming. I love London but I don’t think I realise how much the air pollution and general environment affects me. Plus, it is always good to get away from everything and clear your mind of day to day stresses.

I absolutely love to read but whilst I am at home I don’t allow myself to read novels, I always feel like I should be reading something educational relating to my work. Holidays are another story and I can easily get through a book a day whilst I lie on the beach. I finished A.A.Gill’s ‘Pour me: a life’, this is his autobiography of his alcoholism, it is very well written and definitely worth a read. I was also really enjoying being by myself. I didn’t feel lonely at all, maybe it’s because with modern technology you always feel connected to home or perhaps it’s due to the fact I am quite comfortable in my own company.

Day two was pretty much a repeat of day 1, got up early went to the beach and did some HIIT. At this point I thought that all my worries of losing my fitness had been unfounded. Book for today was ‘Brave New World’, a bit like 1984 by George Orwell at it is about a future society. Some people have said that our society has turned out a bit like this book (written in 1932) as we are heavily focused on consumerism. I stayed on the beach until 16.00 then got ready for the taxi to take me to the Yoga Teacher Training.

I don’t know why but in the car on the way over I started to get anxious. I hate meeting groups of new people, worried that I will be left out and make no friends. I was worried that they wouldn’t be my sort of people or I would be rejected. I imagined eating alone and running away to my room so as not to face this happening. I guess I haven't conquered my shyness as much as I thought. I was fine on my own in Vagnor because I was meant to be alone and I'm happy in my own company. Now I was heading very much out of my comfort zone and I sat on the beach and starting to cry thinking about it.

I'm so envious of those really outgoing, confident people who never once worry about meeting people, they love it. I get overtaken with thoughts of ‘I'm sure I'm boring them’, ‘they think I'm an idiot’, ‘they want to escape this conversation’. My head isn't always a fun place to be! I have learnt through NLP that this is called mind reading and we really shouldn't do it. You never know what someone is thinking and for me certainly, my thoughts are always of the worst.

This fear and discomfort it the very reason I came here, you can't always be comfortable and overcoming this will make me a stronger person. If you don’t challenge yourself then you won’t grow and once you let fear stop you from doing things who knows what will happen. I pulled myself together and headed for dinner…….




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