Diet, Health & Finding Balance

Hello everyone! Yet again it has been a while since I have posted anything, I have been caught up trying to work on multiple projects. For those of you who don't know, I am working on both an online program called 'The Devonshire Method' and also a book of the same name incorporating all the things I believe are truly important to being the healthiest and fittest you can be, in a long-term, sustainable way. Shameless plug over, I will move on to the purpose of this post 🙂

I have been on a massive health kick for a while now, I have been very strictly following the ketogenic diet (see previous posts) as well as not drinking and felt unbelievable, possibly the best I have every felt. I can see why people give up alcohol long term although I am not sure if this is a sustainable life choice for me.

Since being on this 'diet' (I am putting this in brackets and it really doesn't feel like a diet), I have had two episodes where I allowed myself to fall off the wagon. My friend came to stay after 3 weeks of being super strict and I allowed myself to relax, have a few drinks and eat what I wanted. I did struggle with this emotionally as I was really scared of how hard it would be to get back on track after they were gone. I think this was also a sign that I was getting obsessive and a very good thing that I did have a break for a short period. I found it really easy to restart which them allowed me to have the odd cheat here and there afterwards without freaking out about it. I believe the fact that I love the 'diet' really helps, plus I have made my exercise routine a habit rather than a chore which is fundamental to long term fitness success.

My second fall from grace was a bit more spectacular in terms of how much I drank and ate. I had quite a few nights out on the trot with lots of wine and margaritas involved, I then ate bread the following day to get me through my working day. I had A LOT of fun but it really made me realise that alcohol has a lot to answer for. I felt rubbish mentally and physically. Low level anxiety brought on by a combination of crap sleep and the depressive element of alcohol. Also, I felt bloated and sluggish from the food. Since I have been doing keto my hamstring injury has been SO much better thanks to reducing the inflammation in my body, I can only imagine the internal damage it causes to the rest of my body. BUT, the main reason for this post isn't really about that, it is about getting back on track. Within a day of eating well, not drinking and exercising, I feel great again. As I write this I have just done an epic workout and still feel full of energy. You don't have to be healthy all the time, it is OK and even good for you to let your hair down and enjoy yourself. People talk about balance and that really is key not only for long term success but also for your own sanity.

I am a very all or nothing person and can easily get obsessive about things, diet and exercise included. Finding it so easy to get back to feeling great has made me realise I can have the best of both worlds. I can spend time with my friends and go a bit crazy but also have the discipline and motivation to get back to my more structured routine which I love because I feel so much better when I do.

The fundamental principle is to do a form of exercise you enjoy and follow a 'diet' (or lifestyle) that doesn't feel like deprivation. Short term super restrictive regimes don't work, they set you up for failure and result in cycles of success and failure.


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