Juice Fast

7 day juice fast.

A juice fast is a fantastic way to detox the body.

The PH of your blood and tissues is the most important marker of your health. The PH of your blood should be mildly basic or alkaline. Our entire metabolic process depends on an alkaline environment. To create the correct alkaline balance within your body you should consume the correct balance of alkaline and acid foods. 80% should be alkalising e.g. green vegetables and only 20% should be acid forming foods e.g. meat and grains.

By alkalising your blood PH you will increase energy levels, improve concentration, lose body fat and increase muscles mass. Your skin will become clear and fresh. You will also see a reduction in any health problems you may be experiencing.

“Over acidification of body fluids and tissues underlies all disease”

There are two kinds of chemicals (acids and bases) which are in opposition. When these are in certain ratios they cancel each other out which results in a neutral PH. It takes twenty times as much base to neutralise the acid, therefore it is easier to maintain balance rather than regain it.

Juicing enhances all the benefits of vegetables and grasses. When you drink your vegetables your body receives a greater concentration of rapidly usable alkaline salts, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and enzymes. Juice from green vegetables is highly alkalising. Although you lose fibre through juicing, the nutrients are then freed. Juicing vegetables that you would usually cook provides enzymatic relief for the digestive organs.

By completing a juice fast, you can reset your body so that it is brought into an alkaline state, where disease can't survive. Once in this state, it is recommended that we eat 80% alkaline forming foods and only 20% acid forming. Precision Fitness London advocates completing a 7 day juice fast to kick start your fitness journey. We will give you the juice fast plan, detailing the supplements and method to follow. You can choose whether to make the juices yourself, or order from an online supplier.



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