Barre Concept

BarreConcept is a creative 60 minute workout, which combines the precision of Pilates, alignment of yoga and the grace and technique of ballet. Add to this the strength from sports conditioning and you have all the elements of a typical BarreConcept session. This unique program is designed to tone the thighs, lift the butt, sculpt the arms and flatten the abdominals. Full range muscular contractions are performed, followed by end range isometric contractions and then a static hold in order to fatigue the muscle. Stretches follow directly afterwards in order to elongate the muscles, creating that long, lean physique. Equipment such as balls, weights and bands are added to the class to challenge the body further.

Benefits of BarreConcept include:

• Increased stamina and cardiovascular efficiency
• Improved posture in static and dynamic work
• Increased flexibility and joint range of motion
• Increase in muscle tone without the added bulk of some other regimes
• Decreased risk of injury due to an increase in core strength
• Motivating group environment helps to relieve stress
• Increased sense of wellbeing

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