Jenny has always been passionate about health and fitness. Coming from a background in Equestrian Eventing and Gymnastics, she has always led an active lifestyle. It was at the age of 17, when she was forced to give up horse riding due to injury, she discovered the gym. Like many females, she originally focused on cardiovascular exercise, shying away from weights due to a combination of a lack of knowledge and little enjoyment in performing weights and sets on weight machines.

In 2010, Jenny decided to make her passion into her career and completed her REPS Level 3 Personal Training qualification. Even at this point she still favored cardio and aerobic based classes to anything else. It was only after completing her qualification in Kettlercise that she finally fell in love with weights. By incorporating weights into a circuit, she was able to make this into a complete workout and achieved amazing results. Not only does this result in long, lean muscles but also increases in strength and stamina.

Although Jenny loves high intense metabolic training, she also understands the importance of Pilates and corrective exercise. To further her knowledge of anatomy and physiology she decided to study STOTT Pilates. Working from the inside out rather than looking at the body from a purely aesthetic stand point, she will help you to readdress any imbalances and prevent injury. As back problems are so prevalent in modern society, Pilates is the perfect preventative exercise.

Jenny combines these different styles of training, along with in depth nutritional knowledge, to develop a training program designed for each individual.