8 Top Tips for staying in Shape on Holiday

The sun has finally come out to play and soon everyone will be off on their summer holiday. Going away is the perfect time to unwind and have fun. I know a lot of people work really hard to get ready for their swimwear but then overindulge in the first few days, leaving them bloated and lethargic and in need of another holiday.

Here are my top tips for maintaining your health and fitness while you’re away so you don’t feel like you are back to square one on your return.

1. Drink plenty of water

Many people are permanently dehydrated without even realising it. Just because you aren’t thirsty doesn’t mean you are adequately hydrated. Our bodies need water for all its biochemical reactions, so it is essential we drink plenty of water to look and feel our best. For our bodies to operate efficiently we usually require 2 litres of water a day, but as the sun dehydrates us, we will need even more whilst away. Make sure you always have water with you and drink consistently throughout the day.

2. Don’t eat unless you are hungry

Many of us eat three meals a day and this is so ingrained that we continue to do so even when we do not require the energy. If you are sitting by a pool all day, chances are you are not expelling as much energy as you would at home and thus do not need as much fuel. Breakfast buffets can also lead to overeating as there is so much choice on offer. Try to listen to your body and realise when you are eating because your body needs it or because it is something to do.

3. Keep it clean

While you are away you may want to be less strict with your diet but instead of eating chips with every meal, why not limit yourself to one less healthy option a day rather than pigging out at every meal. The vegetables you get abroad is often packed with flavour and it’s a great opportunity to eat fresh fish. Try to keep your carbohydrate intake low as you probably won’t be using up the energy and it will help to stop you feeling bloated.

4. Walk

Get out and explore the local area on foot. Walking is hugely underrated as an exercise and it is a great way to discover your surroundings. A walk along the beach before dinner can be a great way to work up and appetite and enjoy the sunset.

5. Change your alcohol choice 

You are on holiday so you probably want to be able to have a drink or two and I’m not going to tell you not to. You may however want to think about your choice of drink. Whilst cocktails are delicious, they are full of sugar and calories. The best choice from a diet perspective would be a light alcohol such as vodka or gin with either tonic or soda water.

6. Sleep

Many of us are chronically sleep deprived and being tired isn’t the only issue this causes. One night’s bad sleep can raise cortisol levels (our stress hormone) which leads to weight gain amongst other things. Why not take this time to catch up on sleep and allow your body to fully recharge itself. Give you a killer tan.

7. Try some water sports

If you are by the sea you could get out on a kayak or paddle board. Both are great exercises for your core and shoulders and being out on the water will give you an awesome tan!

8. Keep exercising

Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean you have to stop exercising. Keeping your exercise routine will help burn off the booze as well as making you feel great. It will also mean you don’t get gym fear when you come home.

To help you keep up your fitness regime while abroad I have put together 2 easy to follow 20-minute workouts that can be done anywhere with no need for any equipment.

Circuit 1

Complete as many repetitions as you can of each exercise for 40 the seconds work phase, then rest 20 seconds before moving onto the next exercise. Do 4 rounds of the circuit, you can add additional rounds if you want a longer workout.


Press up


Tricep dips

Russian twists

Circuit 2

40 seconds work, 20 seconds rest. 4 rounds.

180 degree squat jumps

Hand forearm plank

Reverse lunge to kick right leg

Reverse lunge to kick left leg

Glute bridge

For more workout ideas and to join me for plenty of HIIT workouts, subscribe to my YouTube channel Jennifer Devonshire.


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