6 of the best exercises for toning your arms

Most of the women I train have the same 'problem areas' when it comes to their bodies. One of the most common one I hear is that they would like their arms to be more toned. Our upper arms are made up of the Biceps, Triceps and Deltoids (posterior middle and anterior) so if you want to tone this area then these are the muscles you want to target. Here are my top 6 exercises for doing just that. To save time you can superset two opposing actions so you don't waste time resting between sets, just go straight into the seconds exercise. Complete 12 repetitions of each exercise, 3 sets.

Shoulder Press

As the name suggests, this exercise targets the shoulders, or the Deltoids to be exact. Working these muscles will give definition to your upper arms. Don't worry, by completing 12 reps you are working in the range of endurance which means you won't 'bulk up.'


superset with

Pull up

Pull ups are the opposing action to shoulder press, it's important to do push and pull so that you don't create imbalances. I like the closed grip pull ups as they target the Biceps and Triceps more. If you don't have a pull up machine you can use a heavy duty resistance band to help you if you're not strong enough to lift yourself up by yourself.

Bent over row

This exercise is great for the Biceps and Triceps as well as the Rhomboids and Middle Trapezius. This makes the exercise great for your posture as these are the muscles that retract the scapula and pull your shoulders back. Holding this position also strengthens the Erector Spinae which strengthens your back.

superset with

Press up

Press ups again target the Biceps and Triceps but also the Pectoralis Major, Anterior Deltoid and Abdominals so a great exercise to add into your routine. If you can't manage them in a plank position, drop to your knees or put your hands on a bench.

Tricep Kickbacks

I love this exercise as you can really feel your Triceps working, and as the name suggests, this is an exercise for your Triceps. Again, performing this in a bent over position helps to strengthen along your spine. Make sure you keep you back straight, use a mirror to check your position.

superset with

Bicep Curl
Biceps bend the elbows and also help to give your arms some shape. Control the movement and make sure you aren't swinging your arms. It is better to use less weight and do the exercise properly. To really hit the biceps, try to lower the weight back down for a count of 4.

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